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At Camilleri Funeral Directors International, we have supported families in organising funeral services in Malta since 1890.  Over 4 generations of funeral directors and undertakers, we have conducted countless funerals, repatriation and cremation services, all completed with utmost care, dignity and respect. Our experience passed on from generation to the next, combined with our constant efforts to deliver the highest level of funeral services, have earned us the trust of countless Maltese families and expats residing in Malta.

We listen to our clients’ wishes and understand the difficulty of planning a funeral following a recent loss of a loved one.  With this in mind, we do our best to facilitate and support families throughout the funeral planning process, ensuring a dignified send-off for their dearly departed in accordance with their wishes.

Services by Camilleri Funeral Directors:
  • Simple, essential funeral services.
  • Complete funeral services in Malta.
  • Cremation services overseas.
  • Funeral with burial at sea in Malta.
  • Worldwide repatriation to/from Malta.
Ancillary Funeral Services:
  • Funeral planning, guidance & advice.
  • Rights for burial in private graves.
  • Memorial plaques & tombstones.
  • Vast selection of coffins & cremation urns.
  • Flowers, memorial cards & related services.

We are here to help

If you just experienced a loss and you need to arrange a funeral, cremation or burial service, we are here to assist and support you at every step of the way. As experienced funeral directors and undertakers, we will listen to you, understand your wishes and we will then guide you to create the perfect funeral arrangement together. Whether you prefer a traditional funeral service with burial in Malta, a cremation service carried out in Sicily, repatriation or a burial-at-sea, tell us your wishes and we will make it happen.

Our main office is located in the centre of Malta, in the town of Iklin in the proximity of Valletta and Mater Dei Hospital. For the convenience of our clients we have 2 other funeral offices, our original office in Gzira and our new office in Qawra. Furthermore for  clients who are unable or may not be feeling up to visiting our nearest office, we can send a funeral arranger to plan the funeral services in their own home anywhere in Malta.

If someone has died at home, our team is readily available to support and provide all necessary assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Funeral & Cremation Packages

The cost of a complete funeral service in Malta will depend on the specific wishes and type of funeral arrangements desired by the family.  To assist in the funeral planning and costing process, we offer 4 funeral and cremation service packages which can be customised with options in accordance to one’s wishes and preferences.

Coffin for funeral in Malta

Essentials Funeral Package

Our Essential funeral is suitable for those wishing to have a simpler and more affordable send off.  This funeral package includes a quality coffin, use of our hearse and all necessary services for a simple, yet dignified funeral without church service, going directly for burial at any cemetery in Malta.

Funeral service Malta

Traditional Funeral Package

Clients wishing to have a funeral service at any Church in Malta prior to burial can opt for our Traditional Funeral package. This includes all services for organisation of a dignified funeral in Church, a quality solid wood coffin, use of our hearse and family car, coffin bearers and professional fees.

Repatriation by plane

Repatriation to/from Malta

As international funeral directors specialising in repatriation services, we take care of all arrangements for one’s safe return home in the shortest possible time. Using our in-house freight agency we find the most viable flight routing and provide all required services for a complete service with full peace of mind.

cremation Malta

Overseas Cremation Service

Our cremation services are carried out in Sicily or in England depending on one’s wishes and circumstances.  We facilitate and look after all arrangements for optional church service, international transfer to the selected crematorium, a dignified cremation service and return of the ashes to Malta.

Pre-Planning your Funeral

Camilleri Funeral Directors Malta offer pre-organised and prepaid funeral plans for traditional funeral service in Malta,  burial at sea, repatriation or cremation services overseas. Our prepaid funeral plans can be tailored to one’s wishes giving peace of mind that these will be adhered to when the necessity arises. All funeral services are carried out with the highest level of care, dignity and respect, to be expected from professionals with a long standing and proud record. Find out more about Camilleri Funeral Directors International.

Register for Cremation

If your wish is to be cremated, you can register yourself or close family member in advance to ensure your wishes will be honoured with dignity and respect.

Registration is a quick and simple process. Our form will allow you to select the desired  options for the cremation and funeral services, optional church service and more. We will store your wishes safely and in confidence for easy reference when the time comes to arrange the cremation. Find our more about registering your wish for cremation.

Need Assistance with Funeral costs?

At Camilleri Funerals we do not arrange “cheap” funerals. All our funeral services are carried out with the same level of care, dignity and respect, irrespective of cost.

To help the less fortunate members of our society who may be unable to afford their desired funeral arrangements, we created a Funeral Assistance Fund that will cover a substantial part of the funeral or cremation costs up to €500.

If you have lost a member of your family, wish to arrange a proper funeral but you genuinely have financial difficulties, speak to us and we will provide the necessary assistance and support to arrange an affordable yet dignified funeral or cremation service.

Undertaker service in all of Malta

Camilleri Funeral Directors provide complete funeral services at any church in Malta, undertaking and burial services at any cemetery on the island.

As a fourth generation of undertakers, Camilleri Funeral Directors are experienced and committed to provide a dignified funeral, repatriation or cremation service for your dearly departed. For more information about our funeral, cremation, repatriation or undertaker services, find us on Facebook or contact Camilleri Funeral Directors and undertakers, or book an appointment to meet us at one of our funeral offices in Gzira, Qawra or Iklin.

If someone has passed at home we are on call to assist at any residence in Malta within the hour via our 24 hour emergency line (356) 2133 8471.

Funeral Services in Malta

Camilleri provide comprehensive funeral services in accordance with the specific wishes of the bereaved.

We offer a wide choice of coffins and funeral cars, organise religious services, flowers, memorial cards, announcements, preparation of the grave etc… 

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Burial at Sea in Malta

Sea Burial in Malta is a popular option for sea lovers or anyone not having access to a private grave in Malta.

Camilleri Funeral Directors are the leading providers for burial at sea in Malta, organising every detail, from preparation of the deceased, required permissions, vessel etc…

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Repatriation Service

Camilleri Funeral Directors specialise in repatriation and international transport of the deceased to or from Malta.

Our expertise combined with our knowledge of health, airline and statutory requirements ensure a swift repatriation service with full peace of mind.

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Cremation Service Malta

Since cremation in Malta is not yet available, Camilleri offer complete cremation services overseas.

Through our network of international funeral agents and competence in the field, we organise cremation abroad and have the ashes returned to Malta.

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