Camilleri Funeral Directors Malta

Established in 1890  by Ganni (John) Camilleri, a carpenter and coffin maker from Sliema, Malta, Camilleri Funeral Directors is perhaps the longest established firm of undertakers providing funeral services in Malta. The family business developed over the decades as knowledge, values and tradition was passed on from one generation to the next.

As can be expected from one of the most experienced firm of undertakers in Malta, Camilleri take pride in providing complete, caring and dignified funeral services earning it a reputation of excellence in the funeral services profession in Malta and overseas.

Apart from traditional funeral services in Malta, Camilleri Funeral Directors International is Malta’s recognized pioneer in the field of international repatriation and cremation services. Forming part of an international network of reputable funeral directors across more than 50 countries, facilitates its successful completion of hundreds of worldwide repatriations each year. This knowledge and expertise has made Camilleri Funeral Directors International the trusted provider of funeral and repatriation services for most consulates, embassies, insurance and travel companies in Malta.

Camilleri Funeral Directors International is a proud member of FIAT-IFTA the World Federation of Funeral Operatives and an international member of the National Association of Funeral Directors (United Kingdom).  These prestigious accreditations in the funeral industry confirm the company’s adherence to professional practices, customer care and quality service in the funeral profession. Today, the company is operated by Active Assistance Services Limited (a subsidiary of Active Group), an assistance company owned by the Camilleri family, specialising in international funeral and repatriation services