Sea Burials in Malta

Malta’s favourable weather conditions and its surrounding clear waters make it an ideal venue for burial at sea. In addition since there is no crematorium facility for cremation in Malta, a funeral service followed by burial at sea may be an appealing option especially to those not having access to a private burial plot or preferring not to be buried in a grave.

At Camilleri Funeral Directors we offer complete funeral arrangements for sea burial in Malta, taking care of every detail and co-ordinating all services to ensure a proper and dignified service.  The family can choose whether they would like to have a funeral service at any church in Malta or if they prefer to have a service on the jetty or on the boat itself. Alternatively we can arrange a simple service without religious ceremony and the family or friends attending can say a few words or play some music of their liking.

Our sea burial services include:

  • Full embalming and preparation of the body
  • Supply of a specially made coffin and weights conforming with port health regulations
  • All formalities, sea burial permission and burial co-ordinates from port authorities
  • Charter of an adequately equipped boat


  • Organisation of religious funeral service in a church, by the jetty or on the boat (optional)
  • Funeral hearse transportation and staff required for the funeral service and burial at sea
  • Funeral services requested by the family, transport arrangements, memorial cards, flowers etc…

Planning a Funeral Service with Sea Burial in Malta

At Camilleri Funeral Directors we assist families in planning and organisation of complete funeral services with burial at sea.  We take care of all necessary preparations, permissions and logistics for a sea burial service tailored to the wishes of our clients.

We can arrange a funeral service at any church in Malta prior to the sea burial religious services by the jetty prior to departure or on the boat itself