Burial in Malta

In Malta acquiring a new grave is an almost impossible task, which leaves those not having the right for burial in a private grave looking at alternative options. Cremation is not yet available in Malta so a body would need to be sent overseas which works out considerably dearer than a local burial. Some may decide to go with a burial at sea however not everyone is comfortable with such an arrangement.

Donating one’s body to science may be considered the wisest and cheapest option, however one must consider the possibility that the body may not be accepted by the University when the death occurs. This may result in a pauper’s burial in a common grave, unless alternative burial arrangements are then made at the last minute.

For many, the only option would be burial in a state common grave.  These are “temporary resting places” provided free of charge by the government, for those not having access to a private grave. However one must consider the conditions tied with burial in a common grave, considered by many to be horrific. Find out more.

Acquiring rights for burial in a private grave.

A final option would be the acquisition of rights for burial in a private grave. Camilleri Funeral Directors have access to a number of private graves located at the main cemetery of Santa Maria Addolorata in Paola and other graves at the cemetery in Naxxar. They offer clients the possibility to purchase the right for burial in these private graves.


  • Guaranteed burial in a private grave.
  • Dignified, looked after and permanent resting place where families can go to visit their loved ones.
  • Cost effective (costs less than a full grave).
  • No annual maintenance fees.


  • Option to purchase multiple burial rights.
  • Option to place a memorial plaque or headstone.
  • Choice of payment options when purchased as part of a prepaid funeral plan.
  • Exclusive to CFDI clients and their families.

The option to acquire rights of burial in a private grave is subject to limited availability. This is an exclusive service offered only to clients of Camilleri Funeral Directors when purchasing a prepaid funeral plan or booking a funeral service. Terms and Conditions apply. Contact Us For more information.

The shortage of graves in Malta is a problem. Not everyone is comfortable with having their bodies  buried at sea in Malta or sent abroad for cremation. On the other hand we understand that the conditions for burial in a state owned, common grave may be deemed undignified and unacceptable. As an alternative we offer our clients the possibility of having their loved ones buried in a dignified and permanent resting place by purchasing the right to be buried a private grave.