Tailored Cremation services

Families having ties overseas, may prefer to have cremation of their loved one carried out in their home town or city.  We discuss possible all options with the families, then co-ordinate all services for the desired cremation arrangements.

We take care of all local services, preparations and paperwork. We will supply of a proper coffin suitable for air travel and cremation, optional church service in Malta and airfreight to the desired country. We can then also arrange for transfer from airport of destination to the selected funeral home or crematorium anywhere in the world.

Our tailored Cremation services include:

  • Care, embalming, dressing and preparation for international travel.
  • A dignified solid wood coffin suitable for air travel and cremation.
  • All necessary formalities, applications, permits and certifications.
  • Fees payable to local health authorities and customs clearance.
  • Service of our hearse and staff to transfer from the mortuary to the airport.
  • Airport, airfreight and related airline charges for transfer to desired country.
  • Ground transfer from the airport to the chosen funeral home or crematorium.
  • All other optional services and arrangements as requested by the family.
  • Our professional fees or organisation, handling and responsibility of all arrangements.

Package costs depend on desired arrangements. Contact us for complete information.

Funeral Services and Cremation overseas

When planning a tailored Cremation service in any country overseas, we will liaison with  the funeral home or crematorium selected by the family. We will carry out all services and make arrangements up to the agreed handover point as directed by the family. This may be the airport nearest to final destination, the selected funeral home or crematorium.

With the help of our international partners and network of funeral directors located in the proximity of most international airports worldwide, we can ensure the full transfer arrangements and cremation overseas can be carried out professionally and with full peace of mind.

Arranging cremation of a loved one overseas is a delicate and logistically challenging task which which should be left in the hands of professionals. As specialists in the field of international transportation and cremation services, we have the knowledge, experience and the network, to organise a cremation overseas with complete assurance and peace of mind.