Cremation services in Sicily

When organising a cremation in Sicily, we discuss with the bereaved family, understand their desired cremation arrangements and then organise complete funeral and cremation services in accordance with their wishes.

We take care of all preparations, supply of a proper coffin suitable for air travel and cremation, all the paperwork, airfreight to Catania, the cremation service and all transfers in Malta and in Sicily.  We can arrange for the family to attend the cremation or return the ashes to Malta by courier. We can also organise a church service before or after the cremation, burial or scattering of the ashes and all other services for a perfect funeral, ceremony or family gathering celebrate the life of their loved one.

Our Sicily Cremation package includes:

  • Care, embalming, dressing and preparation for international travel.
  • A dignified solid wood coffin suitable for air travel and cremation.
  • All necessary formalities, applications, permits and certifications.
  • Fees payable to local health authorities and Italian Embassy.
  • Service of our hearse and staff to transfer from the mortuary to the airport.
  • Airport, airfreight and related airline charges for transfer to Catania.
  • Transfer of the coffin from the airport to the crematorium in Misterbianco.
  • Crematorium fees for cremation, supply of a suitable urn and related costs.
  • Our professional fees or organisation, handling and responsibility of all arrangements.

Complete cremation package starting from €3,600 excl. VAT

** Cost includes €175 Funeral Grant.

Register your wish for Cremation

If your wish is to be cremated, you can register yourself or close family member in advance, to ensure your wishes will be honoured with dignity and respect.

Registration is a quick and simple and is valid for cremation services carried out in Sicily, England and/or eventually Malta. Our form will allow you to select the desired options for the cremation and funeral services including preferred country of cremation, optional church service and more. We will store your wishes safely and in confidence for easy reference when the time comes to arrange the cremation.

The Registration fee is €295 incl. VATwhich will serve as a deposit towards the final cremation costs payable at time of service.

Clients wishing to guarantee today’s costs for future can also opt for a prepaid cremation plan. Find out more information about registration for cremation.

Why is Cremation in Malta still unavailable?

In 2017, Active Group, the holding company of Camilleri Funeral Directors, submitted the first application to build a crematorium in Malta.  The project included a funeral home, crematorium, full mortuary facilities, indoor and outdoor columbarium surrounded by landscaped, tranquil and peaceful memorial gardens, spread over 7,500 sum of company owned land adjacent to the back of the Addolorata Cemetery. The application was refused as at the time Malta had no law to regulate cremation.

The Cremation law was passed in 2019 after which we re-submitted new and improved plans in 2020 with the intention of making cremation in Malta a possibility. To date, there is still no approved permit to build or operate a crematorium in Malta.

The latest news is that in March 2022 the government announced that by Summer it will decide on the way forward for cremation in Malta. Until then we continue to carry our cremation services overseas which is now more easier and more affordable thanks to this new exclusive agreement signed with Misterbianco Cremazioni in Sicily.

Misterbianco Cremazioni

Our cremation services in Sicily are carried out in collaboration with our trusted and exclusive partners at Misterbianco Cremazioni. Their new state-of-the-art crematorium offers dignified and professional cremation services as well as a peaceful and welcoming environment for families wishing to attend the cremation.

Conveniently located at only 15 minute drive away from Catania airport, 35 minutes from Augusta Port and 75 minutes from Pozzallo, offers an ideal location for residents of Malta travelling to Sicily to attend the cremation. For more information or a tour of the crematorium visit the website for Misterbianco cremazioni.

Contact Us to discuss your wishes or clarify any questions about our funeral and cremation services or Download full information about Cremation in Sicily.

The responsibility of arranging cremation of a loved one in a foreign country is a delicate and logistically challenging task which should be left in the hands of professionals. As specialists in the field of international transportation and cremation services, we have the knowledge and experience to complete a cremation service overseas in a smooth and dignified manner with complete assurance and peace of mind.