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At Camilleri Funeral Directors we arrange funerals to cater for all wishes. For families wishing to have a simpler funeral, we have created our Essential Funeral Services package. This includes all necessary arrangements for a simple yet dignified funeral service in Malta going directly to the cemetery for burial. This funeral package is an ideal option for those wishing a simpler and lower cost funeral, without a church service.

Irrespective of the selected funeral plan, all our services are carried out with utmost care, dignity and respect for the deceased.  We will guide and support bereaved families in their difficult time, to ensure a dignified send off for their loved one according to their wishes.

Our Essential Funeral plan costs €1,300 * including:

  • Guidance and support in organisation of the funeral service.
  • Care of the deceased and preparation for a local burial within 48 hours.
  • A quality solid wood coffin complete with inner lining, pillow and cross.
  • Handling of all necessary applications, permits and certifications.
  • Service of our hearse from the hospital directly to the cemetery.
  • Service of our funeral director and 2 coffin bearers throughout the funeral.
  • Value Added Tax on all applicable charges and services.
  • Our professional fees or organisation and handling of arrangements.

* Cost €1,300 is after rebate of €175 Funeral Grant

Download full information about our Essential Funeral Plan.

Optional Services and disbursements

All our funeral plans can be tailored to include all possible options and additional services to create the perfect funeral according to one’s preferences. The following funeral services and related  options can all be arranged, however are NOT INCLUDED in our Essentials funeral package:

  • Services for removal from residence and transfer to mortuary.
  • Dressing, injection or embalming of the deceased.
  • Church fees and related expenses (choir, singer, organist…)
  • Option to upgrade the choice of coffin or ornaments.
  • Cars for the family or priest to accompany the hearse.
  • Additional staff or coffin bearers to carry the coffin.
  • Donation to a priest for a short funeral service by the grave.
  • Flowers, memorial cards and other optional items.
  • Obituary on newspapers, announcements on local media etc…
  • Design and print of memorial cards or other stationery.
  • Burial fees or other applicable cemetery charges **
  • Supply of granite or marble memorial headstone.

Planning Ahead?

Planning your funeral ahead of time allows for proper preparation of a dignified send off according to wishes.  The loss of a loved one is always traumatic and planning a complete funeral service during that difficult time just adds unnecessary pressure.

Planning ahead gives you the time to consider all possible options and draw up a perfect funeral according to wishes.  It also allows you to set aside the necessary funds and takes off all the decision making and financial burden from the ones left behind.

Find out more about our funeral plan options and funeral planning services.

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Our essentials funeral service package is designed for those wishing to have a simple, yet dignified funeral in Malta, with no fuss and usually without a church service.  It is a lower cost funeral arrangement which can in any case be tailored to accommodate specific wishes and optional services.