Forms relating to funeral services and burial in Malta

The following forms may be downloaded or filled in online

Funeral Planning Checklist

Checklist to help families plan a funeral service in Malta.

Notification of Death Form

Form necessary to register a death in Malta. Download a copy.

Declaration Appointment of Funeral Directors

Form giving authorisation to Funeral Director to take carry out the required services for the funeral, burial or cremation.  Download a copy.

Request to Admit a Body to Mater Dei Hospital

Form to be completed by Funeral Director for admission of a body into the mortuary at Mater Dei Hospital. Download a copy.

Application for Grant payable on a Funeral

Complete the application online or Download a copy of the form.

Application for Official Act of Death Certificate

Order the Death Certificate online directly from Public Registry website.

Declaration for Cleaning a Grave

This form must be the owners  to authorize cleaning of a private grave prior to burial. Complete the declaration online or download a copy of the form.

Declaration for Burial in a Private Grave

This form must be signed by the owners or family members having the right for burial in a grave giving consent for burial in a private grave. Download Form.