Funeral Assistance Fund

Funeral Assistance Malta by Camilleri Funeral Directors

In May 2022, Camilleri Funeral Directors have launched a funeral assistance Malta fund providing financial support towards funeral costs in special circumstances.  This benevolent fund will cover part or full costs in special circumstances such as the death of a child, funerals for low income families and welfare cases.

The Active Funeral Assistance fund is our contribution to assist the less fortunate members of our community.  It is funded entirely from our own profits and intended to relieve a substantial portion of the financial burden for families in need. Contact Camilleri Funeral Directors for more information about our Funeral Assistance Fund.

Children’s Funerals

At Camilleri Funeral Directors we provide free local funeral services for Maltese babies and children up to the age of twelve. We will provide full support in planing and organising the funeral arrangements, arrange burial permission and co-ordinate all the required services free of charge. All these costs will be covered by our own Funeral Assistance fund. Furthermore we will provide a dignified coffin, use of our hearse and send a member of our team to assist throughout the funeral arrangements without charge.

Costs for optional services and disbursements such as flowers, printing of memorial cards, accompanying cars for the family or priest, church fees and cemetery charges would need to be paid for by the family.

Funerals for Low Income Families

Low income families and genuine welfare cases needing to arrange a funeral service in Malta, can benefit from the Active Funeral Assistance Fund which will contribute 50% of funeral services provided by Camilleri Funeral Directors, up to a maximum of €500. The fund will contribute towards the cost of the coffin, use of our vehicles, coffin bearers and our professional fees for organisation of a local funeral service and burial. Costs for optional services and disbursements such as flowers, printing of memorial cards,  church fees, cemetery charges, repatriation or cremation do not benefit from this assistance.

Families applying for assistance from this fund will need to present a letter from their parish priest or other professional stating that the family does not have the means to pay for a dignified funeral service. Terms and conditions apply. Applications will be vetted. Reserving all rights.

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At Camilleri Funeral Directors we understand the sorrow and grief of loosing someone close at heart. Not having the financial means to give that someone the dignified funeral they deserve can only make it harder.  To assist in such compassionate situations, we have created a fund to provide financial support for those struggling to find the necessary finances to pay for a proper and dignified farewell to their loved one.