Funeral and Cremation Plans in Malta

Prepaid Funeral Plans by Camilleri Funeral Directors
A funeral plan allows you to choose the way you wish to be remembered and protects you and your loved ones from difficult decisions and rising costs.
  • Protect your loved ones from difficult decisions during a stressful time of grief.
  • Lock in and guarantee today’s prices and protect against rising costs.
  • Choose for local burial, cremation, sea burial or repatriation.
  • Customise the desired ceremony or religious service.
  • Pay in lump sum or by instalments up to 5 years.

Enjoy your retirement with peace of mind, knowing that your wishes will be honoured without leaving any difficult decisions or financial burden on your loved ones.

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Funeral Plans give peace of mind
Funeral burial in Malta
The Essentials Plan – DOWNLOAD

Our Essential Funeral Plan includes all necessary services and arrangements for a simple yet dignified funeral with burial at any cemetery in Malta.

This plan can be customised to wishes and is ideal for those wishing to have a simple funeral without a church service. As with all our plans we take care of every detail to ensure a caring and dignified service throughout, so families need not worry about any organisation.

from Euro1,475 incl. VAT

Church Funeral Malta
The Traditional Plan – DOWNLOAD

Our Traditional Funeral Plan is designed for those wishing to have a church service or celebration of life prior to burial.

The Traditional plan includes all standard services for a religious funeral at any church in Malta and transfer to the selected cemetery. All arrangements can be customised and carried out with dignity and care by our dedicated funeral directors who ensure no detail is left unattended.

from Euro2,095 incl. VAT

The Sea Burial Plan – DOWNLOAD

Our Sea Burial Plan includes all necessary funeral services and arrangements for a simple yet dignified burial-at-sea in Malta.

This plan includes the hire of a private boat and complete organisation for burial of the coffin at pre-defined co-ordinates in Maltese waters. Se burial plans can be customised to include a religious service or celebration of life, in a church, at the harbour or on the boat itself.

from Euro3,195 incl. VAT

Funeral with cremation urn
The Cremation Plan – DOWNLOAD

Our Cremation Plan includes all services, permits and logistical arrangements for safe transfer to the crematorium of Misterbianco in Catania. An optional funeral service in church or celebration of life can also be arranged before or after the cremation.

Families can choose to attend the cremation in Sicily and bring back the ashes with them on the same day, or we can arrange for safe return of the ashes within a few days.

from Euro4,400 incl. VAT

Cost Guaranteed Funeral Plans

The costs of our funeral plans are locked at today’s prices and guaranteed for a period of ten years. After this time plans are adjusted by no more than the official inflation rate for the previous decade. All our prepaid funeral plans are backed by a binding contract and an itemised invoice guaranteeing all prepaid services.

For safe custody and growth of our plan holders’ funds, all income from prepaid plans is held separate from our business and managed by BOV Asset Management.

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At Camilleri Funeral Directors we believe funeral planning should not be left till after the loss of a loved one. Planning and decision making should be done during times of health and lucidity so that available options can be compared rationally and not in the last minute.There are many benefits to purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan. Not only will it help to lessen the emotional and financial burden on your family, but it will also allow you to benefit from lower funeral costs. Before choosing a plan, we discuss and explain the various available options and draw up a tailor made funeral plan that is right for you.