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Times of Malta talks to Johann Camilleri, director of Active Assistance Services Limited, better known under the family name of Camilleri Funeral Directors International (June 2022).

Most individuals dread having to visit a funeral agency and only do so when it becomes essential, usually in a time of sorrow following the loss of a close relative.  For this reason, many associate funeral companies with sadness and death, picturing dark and gloomy offices displaying macabre funeral related products.

Camilleri Funeral Directors seek to change that association by providing a welcoming environment, where people can visit to plan funeral or cremation arrangements in advance and not only at time of need. “Our aim is to make the funeral organisation process as easy and comfortable as possible. Our caring and professional planners are ready to support grieving families, assuring peace of mind in delivering complete arrangements according to their wishes.”

Most funeral agencies place their entire focus on the choice of coffin, cars and related products. “We also offer a selection of quality coffins, latest model hearse and professional staff to attend the funeral services. However, our primary concern is to provide guidance and support to the family, looking after everything in detail, to ensure a caring and professional arrangement throughout.”

Their social commitment is another way by which this company stands apart from its peers. Earlier this year, Camilleri created a funeral assistance fund providing financial support towards funeral costs in special circumstances.  The fund covers 50% of funeral costs (up to €500) in welfare cases and complete funeral costs for children under the age of 12.  This initiative is financed from the company’s own reserves and is intended to assist the less fortunate members of society, not having the financial means to pay for a dignified funeral for their loved one.


According to Johann Camilleri, 4th generation funeral director and entrepreneur, funeral planning should not be left till after the loss of a loved one. “Planning-ahead allows for rational choices to be made in a time of lucidity, not in a moment of pressure and grief.”

In many developed EU countries, England, Australia and the United States, a large percentage of funerals and cremations are pre-planned. In Malta however most people remain averse to discuss their personal wishes or to plan their own funeral arrangements in advance, usually leaving those worries on their families.

Funeral planning carries numerous advantages, clearest being the assurance and peace of mind that funeral or cremation arrangements are in accordance with the person’s wishes. Some may prefer a simpler yet respectful burial or cremation service with no fuss.  Others may wish for a full memorial service or celebration of life, choosing all possible options in detail and in advance, from church service to music, printed material, flowers, cars and more.

“We understand that everyone has different wishes so when pre-planning a service we tailor all arrangements in accordance with the individuals’ personal preferences.”

Planning in advance facilitates decision making and eases financial burdens off the loved ones left behind. When organising a funeral in the last minute, sometimes in an unexpected moment, families must make a lot of choices on the type of funeral or cremation arrangements. Some choices can be very difficult in a time of grief especially if the subject was never discussed with the person during their lifetime.  Camilleri Funeral Directors offer the possibility of planning one’s own funeral or cremation arrangements ahead of time, in confidence and with full peace of mind.


Many still wonder whether cremation will ever be available in Malta?  The law was passed in 2019, following an application submitted by Camilleri two years earlier to build Malta’s first crematorium. Three years later, despite government having announced on more than one occasion, that the way forward for cremation would soon be set, the law is still officially not in force keeping the project on hold.

The crematorium project submitted by Active Group (Camilleri’s parent company), comprises a 7,500sqm memorial park laid on company owned land, conveniently located behind the Addolorata cemetery. The park is to surround a fully equipped crematorium building, having private viewing rooms, a multi-faith hall (for religious or social gatherings), indoor and outdoor facilities for dignified storage of urns containing cremated ashes.  In short, the project is planned to include all related facilities to provide a welcoming location for a dignified memorial service or celebration of life, as well as a peaceful environment where the ashes of dearly departed could visited from time to time.

“Despite the delay and the hold on our application, we are still committed to make cremation in Malta a reality, one day, hopefully in the not-too-distant future.   Until then, we shall continue to arrange complete cremation services overseas as we have been doing for the past 30 years.”

In May 2022, Camilleri entered an exclusivity agreement with Misterbianco Cremazioni, Sicily’s newest crematorium in the vicinity of Catania.  The location, caring staff and welcoming environment offered by this facility make it an ideal venue for professionally managed and dignified cremation services for Maltese residents.

“By virtue of our exclusive partnership with Misterbianco cremazioni, we are now able to provide complete, faster and more professionally managed cremation services, at a convenient location and at lower costs than ever before”.

For British expats residing in Malta and anyone planning to have their ashes taken to England, Camilleri have partnered with Pure Cremation being the UK’s foremost provider of simple, direct cremation services in England.  Pure Cremation also offer a delivery service throughout the United Kingdom.


Anyone preferring to be cremated can now register their wish for cremation in advance, using the online registration form available on the Camilleri Funeral Directors’ website. Registration allows anyone to record their personal choice and since we do not know when cremation in Malta will become available, registration remains valid for services carried out in Malta, Sicily, England or elsewhere.

Many believe that expressing one’s choice for cremation in the will is sufficient to ensure this is carried out. In Malta this does not necessarily apply, as in most cases, it takes several weeks for a will to be opened, which may be too late to carry out one’s wishes in time.

“We have dealt with several families reaching out to us weeks after burial of a loved one, asking whether it would be possible to exhume the person and arrange cremation. They would not have known of the person’s wish and only find out once the will is opened weeks later. To address this problem, we offer the possibility of registering one’s choice for cremation directly with us, separately from their will, to ensure this wish is carried out when the moment calls for.”

Registration is subject to an upfront fee, serving as a deposit, which will eventually be deducted from the final costs payable at time of cremation, irrespective of where this will be carried out.

More information about pre-planning or registering for cremation can be found on Camilleri Funeral Directors or by visiting their offices in Iklin, Qawra or their original office opposite Gzira Church due to re-open by end of June 2022.

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