Funeral Planning in Malta

Camilleri Funeral Directors offer the possibility of planning and building a personalised funeral plan for one’s funeral, cremation or burial at sea in Malta. Pre-planned and prepaid funeral services are particularly suited for those not having close family in Malta and those preferring not to leave any organisational burden for loved ones left behind.

When pre-planning a funeral, we discuss various options for the desired service, be it a traditional funeral, a burial in Malta, repatriation to one’s home country, cremation or burial at sea.  We discuss choice of religious service, type of coffin, flowers, to the poem or eulogy to be read during the funeral service. All wishes and options are documented in detail in our comprehensive funeral plans guaranteeing all wishes will be adhered to on the day of the funeral.

Our funeral planning service includes:
  • Guidance and advise on available options for funeral in Malta, burial at sea, repatriation or cremation.
  • Choice of 5 standard plans & 4 payment options.
  • Tailor made funeral plans to suit your wishes.
  • Preparation of all formalities.
  • Detailed documentation of wishes for the funeral service including choice of venue, coffin, flowers etc…
Advantages of prepaid funeral plans:
  • Save your loved ones the emotional burden of planning your funeral.
  • Plan the funeral to your own specifications.
  • Protection against rising funeral costs.
  • Purchase a burial space in a shared private grave.
  • No need to set money aside or to leave a financial burden to your loved ones.

Clients wishing to take up a funeral plan are also given the option of prepayment, fixing the price for a number of years and to ensure no financial burden will be imposed on the next of kin to honour the wishes of the deceased. Please contact us for more information about our prepaid funeral plans or download our introduction to our prepaid funeral plans.

At Camilleri Funeral Directors we believe funeral planning should not be left till after the loss of a loved one. Planning and decision making should be done during times of health and lucidity so that available options can be compared rationally and not in the last minute.There are many benefits to purchasing a pre-paid funeral plan. Not only will it help to lessen the emotional and financial burden on your family, but it will also allow you to benefit from lower funeral costs. Before choosing a plan, we discuss and explain the various available options and draw up a tailor made funeral plan that is right for you.