Register for Cremation

with Camilleri Funeral Directors Malta

Register for cremation and ensure your wishes will be honoured with dignity and respect. Our online form allows you to select the desired cremation and funeral services, optional church or memorial services and more. We will store your wishes safely and in confidence for easy reference to use when the time comes to arrange the cremation.

Our primary objective is still to introduce cremation in Malta. Despite the law being passed in 2019, our project to build a crematorium and memorial gardens is still on hold.  Until we receive the green light, we shall continue to arrange cremations overseas as we have been doing for the past 30 years.

For our client’s peace of mind, registration is now possible and valid for future cremations, whether this will be carried out in Malta, Sicily, England or any other country of choice. Complete the online form below or download a copy of our cremation registration form.

Registration Fee

Registration for cremation costs €295 incl. VAT.  Registered applicants will have peace of mind that their wishes will be stored in confidence to be used once the necessity arises. Furthermore, the fee will serve as a deposit against future cremation costs payable at time of service, irrespective whether the cremation is carried out in Malta or overseas.

  • Registration has no expiry date and remains valid until completion of services or cancellation.
  • Fee is not transferable, non-refundable and does not guarantee future costs.

Future funeral and cremation costs can be guaranteed for clients purchasing a prepaid funeral plan. Clients already holding a prepaid cremation plan with us, need not re-register or resubmit their wishes. Contact Us for more information or an appointment about registering for cremation or our prepaid funeral plans.

Registering for cremation will not only ensure cremation arrangements are carried out according to one’s wishes.  It will also facilitate the process for the ones left behind, relieving them of any decision making and giving them peace of mind that their loved one will be given the desired send-off.