Worldwide Repatriation to and from Malta

In Malta, Camilleri Funeral Directors are the recognised specialist in international transportation and repatriation of the deceased from Malta. A pioneer in the field of repatriation services to and from Malta, with over 50 years of experience, Camilleri have successfully completed thousands of repatriation services worldwide.

Our vast experience, combined with our overseas network of reputable funeral companies, enable us to complete a repatriation service to anywhere in the world within the shortest possible time. The assistance we provide to families, our comprehensive service and attention to detail is what differentiates us from all other funeral companies in Malta.

Our repatriation services include:
  • Preparation and care of the deceased.
  • Guidance and assistance to the bereaved.
  • Supply of a dignified coffin conforming with local and international health and airline requirements.
  • Handling of all required formalities, permits and certifications, customs documentation etc…


  • Selection and organisation of the flight.
  • Co-ordination with travel insurance companies, embassies, international repatriation agencies.
  • Liaison with receiving funeral directors.
  • Dignified transportation to the airport.
  • Repatriation of personal belongings.

Our competence, experience and track record in the field of repatriation services explains why Camilleri Funeral Directors International is the recommended funeral and repatriation company for government agencies, tour operators, travel insurance companies, embassies and consulates in Malta.

We also assist funeral agencies overseas to arrange repatriation services from Malta to their country by air or road.  Funeral agencies in Sicily requiring assistance with arranging repatriation from Malta to Sicily can visit our page Impresa Funebre Onoranze Funebri Malta.

The sudden death of a loved one in a foreign country is a very difficult and traumatic experience. Our job is to guide and assist families, taking over co-ordination of all necessary repatriation arrangements for bringing their loved one home, within the shortest possible time with peace of mind.