Cremation in Malta

Cremation in Malta is a sensible choice for anyone not having their own private grave and not wishing to have their loved ones buried in a shared communal grave.  For many, cremation is viewed as a cleaner and more dignified alternative to burial. Cremation also allows for more creative farewell ceremonies and provides greater choice as to what is done with the ashes since these can be buried in a family grave, scattered at sea, kept at home or even interred in one’s own private garden.

In Malta, the demand for cremation has increased tenfold especially since the law regulating cremation was passed in 2019. Nowadays we complete an average of 60 cremations a year, most of which are carried out in Sicily or the United Kingdom.

When arranging a cremation service we take care of the complete arrangements, giving the family peace of mind and allowing them to cope with their loss. We will organise all technical and administrative formalities and co-ordinate all necessary logistics for safe and dignified air and ground transportation to the selected crematorium. If the family is not attending the cremation we will also look after return of the ashes to Malta and if desired we can also arrange a church funeral in Malta either before or after the cremation.

Cremation Options?

So what are the options for Maltese nationals and expatriates residing in Malta, wishing to be cremated?  At Camilleri Funeral Directors we offer different types of cremation services to meet the needs and preferences of our clients, depending on their particular circumstances.

Cremation in Sicily is our most popular and cost effective option, especially when the final resting place of the ashes is Malta. We hold a preferential agreement with a new crematorium in the vicinity of Catania, where we are able to arrange a complete and professional cremation service within 7 days, starting from €4,400 including VAT.

We also offer an option for cremation in England whereby we can arrange all formalities and logistics for a cremation service to be carried out at our partner crematorium in Hampshire. The complete service usually takes about 21 days after which we can also arrange to have the cremated ashes delivered to any address throughout the United Kingdom.

For clients residing overseas wishing to attend the cremation service in their home town, we can arrange a cremation service tailored to their needs.  The family would select a crematorium of their choice and we will take care of all necessary arrangements to deliver the coffin safely to their selected crematorium or funeral home anywhere in the world.

Cremation funeral service

Cremation in Sicily

For our cremations in Sicily we partner with Misterbianco Cremazioni, Sicily’s most modern crematorium situated 15 minutes from Catania airport. We take care of all local and overseas arrangements for transfer to Catania and complete the cremation within 7 days.

Complete package from €4,400 inc. VAT

Cremation furnace

Cremation in England

Our cremation services in England are carried out in partnership with the Charlton Park Crematorium in Hampshire, providing professional cremation services and the possibility of delivering the ashes to any address in the United Kingdom.

Complete package starting from €5,595 inc. VAT

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Tailored Cremation Service

With our Tailored cremations, we help families decide on the best place to have the cremation. We will then take care of all arrangements, ground and air logistics for safe transportation of their loved one to the selected crematorium or funeral home at any location worldwide.

Costs vary depending on destination.

Register your wish for Cremation

If your wish is to be cremated, you can register yourself or close family member in advance, to ensure your wishes will be honoured with dignity and respect.

Registration is a quick and simple process. Our form will allow you to select the desired  options for the cremation and funeral services including preferred country of cremation, optional church service and more. We will store your wishes safely and in confidence for easy reference when the time comes to arrange the cremation.

The Registration fee is €295 incl. VAT which is fully deductible from the final cremation costs payable at the time.

Find out more information about registration your wish for cremation.

Cremation & Freight Services for Funeral Agencies in Malta

If you are a licensed funeral agency or undertaker in Malta and require assistance with organising a cremation service, we are here to help.  We assist funeral directors with any required support and organise all necessary travel and cremation arrangements to help you complete cremation services for your clients.

As exclusive agents in Malta for a number of crematoriums and as we are also an airline freight and cargo booking agency, we can look after all documentation, airfreight and  cremation services on your behalf, allowing you to support your clients with organising all the remaining local funeral, transport and church services.

Why is Cremation not available in Malta?

In 2017, Active Group, the holding company of Camilleri Funeral Directors, submitted the first application to build a crematorium in Malta.  The plan included a funeral home, crematorium, columbariums and memorial gardens spread over a 7,500 sqm plot of land owned by the company, adjacent to the back entrance of the Addolorata Cemetery. The application was refused as at the time Malta had no law to regulate cremation.

The Cremation law was passed in 2019 and Camilleri submitted new and improved plans  in 2020 with the intention of making cremation in Malta a possibility. To date, there is still no approved permit to build or operate a crematorium in Malta, however the government announced that by Summer 2022 it will decide on the way forward for cremation in Malta.


At Camilleri Funeral Directors we are hoping our application will be approved by the end of 2022 with a view of having our own crematorium up and running by the end of 2024.  Until then we shall continue to provide complete, caring and dignified cremation services at our partner crematoriums overseas.