Cremation for Maltese Nationals and Expatriates residing in Malta

Cremation is a popular option for Maltese and expats residing in Malta and is a sensible choice for anyone not having access to a private grave or prefers cremation over a traditional burial. Cremation also provides greater choice as to what is done with the ashes, since these can either be interred, scattered or kept at home.

Although a cremation in Malta is not yet an available option, Camilleri Funeral Directors International, with the assistance of its agents in England, Holland, Italy, Germany, Spain or France, can co-ordinate all arrangements for the cremation to be done overseas and if necessary for the ashes to be returned to Malta.

Our cremation service includes:
  • Preparation of the body for international travel.
  • Supply of a hermetically sealed zinc lined coffin.
  • All required permissions & certifications.
  • Organisation of a church service in Malta (optional).
  • Traditional funeral service in Malta (optional).
  • Transportation of the coffin to the airport.


  • Airfreight reservation for the coffin.
  • Airport handling & security screening.
  • Collection of the coffin on arrival.
  • Transport to funeral home or crematorium.
  • Cremation service (with or without attendance).
  • Supply of a suitable urn for the cremated ashes.

In May 2019 the government of Malta passed a new law allowing for cremation in Malta. However the criteria required to build and operate a crematorium is still not set and it will take a few more years until a building application is approved, the facility constructed and the required license to operate the crematorium is issued. It is envisaged that until 2023-2024 anyone wishing to be cremated will still need to be sent overseas for the cremation to be done abroad. 

“Our aim is to make cremation as easily and financially accessible option as possible;  whether this is done in Sicily, London or in any other country with whom we have agreements in place. Through our experience, our network of funeral directors overseas and special agreements held with airlines and a number of crematoriums, we are able to make cremation a cost effective option for anyone preferring not to be interred in Malta.”